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Friday, June 6, 2008

Let me to go to Real

Cristiano Ronaldo has rocked United by insisting: I want to join Real Madrid. The Portuguese winger dropped his bombshell on the eve of the European championships. He will be offered incredible wages of £75million after tax over five years and the Spaniards are also prepared to pay a £75m transfer fee. Ronaldo, 23, told respected Brazilian website Terra: “I would like to play for Real Madrid but only if it is true they are ready to pay what Manchester United ask of them. However, it does not depend on me.” The loss of Ronaldo would be a huge blow to United and defender Rio Ferdinand immediately pleaded with him to stay at Old Trafford. He said: “This team can get better but we need it to stay together.” Rio, in Nigeria promoting Education in Football, added: “We have worked hard to get to the position we are in and want to build on the success we have had. That means keeping all the players at the club."
Shaun Custis, The Sun